WLHW Swivel safety hook

Stable and versatile.

This hook is at its best when used with the Connex system.
It closes and locks automatically and cannot be opened while under load. The large swivel casing opens up an even wider range of application options and the larger jaw opening compared to HSW means that it may be used more flexibly. When it comes to quality, this hook is in a league of its own: It comes with CE-marking and BG-approval, complies with EN 1677‑3 and has the mechanical values of G10.

A detailed operating manual provides information on the wide range of possible applications. But be careful – the hook is only suitable for straight pull and cannot be rotated when under load. Also note that the tip of the hook and the safety catch must not be placed under load and the hook should not be used in the welded system.

Assembly of the safety catch is easy and quick, without the need for special tools.

The safety catch set VLHW which forms the locking mechanism on the back of the hook is also available as a spare parts set.

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Specification table

WLHW Swivel safety hook Code / Type load capacity
s max.
Measurement Image WLHW 5/6 1,400 161 20 17 35 36 12 28 1 1.20
WLHW 7/8 2,500 182 26 20 35 36 12 34 1 1.54
WLHW 10 4,000 215 30 29 42 40 16 45 1 2.14
WLHW 13 6,700 269 40 35 49 47 20 52 1.50 4.42
WLHW 16 10,000 319 50 41 60 60 24 60 2 7.34





WLHW 5/6

WLHW 7/8