Safe forestry operations with pewag forestry products

pewag is your go-to partner for forestry tracks and traction chains for forestry machines and chain systems for pulling and transporting bulky goods in forests.

pewag has been working in the manufacturing of chains and components for several centuries. To ensure the outstanding quality of our range, all our production facilities are still based in Central Europe. This way, pewag is able to keep an overview of the entire manufacturing chain and ensure highest quality standards, longevity and value for money for its users.

Why trust in pewag forestry products?

  • Highest quality standards: high-grade materials, processed in Europe
  • Longevity of products: many years' experience, sophisticated manufacturing processes
  • Customer-focused service: optimised customer service thanks to a global network
  • Environmentally aware: innovative solutions that protect the forest floor
  • Sustainability: ISO certificate for environmental sustainability

pewag forestry products

pewag forestry tracks and chains configurator

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The configurator for forestry chains and tracks supports you to select the right product for your machine or tire.

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The expert on swampy terrain

pewag bluetrack flow wide is developed for soft ground and offers high load capacities and gentle on the soil.

pewag launches mono tracks

pewag mono tracks form a useful complement to the well-established bluetrack duo tracks

pewag introduces new product line: pewag prac chain forestry chains

In addition to the forstgrip premium line for professional use, pewag is launching a basic line for hands-on applications.

The perfect grip especially in winter: pewag bluetrack duo perfekt makes it possible

pewag bluetrack duo perfekt was developed for steep terrain, snow and ice and thus offers perfect grip for winter conditions

bluetrack tuning: advancement of stubs and side support

New pewag scale stubs offer more aggressive grip and improved side support guarantees more protection and stability of the track on the wheel

New fully automatic production site for pewag bluetracks

pewag produces in Vamberk, Czech Republic, forestry bogie and single wheel tracks with state-of-the-art robots according to highest quality standards

Safe grip in the forest with pewag forstgrip chains

Innovative grip elements enable highest possible traction for all application areas and undergrounds

pewag invests in innovative solutions for forestry applications

Besides high quality, longevity and efficiency, pewag focuses on maximum soil protection in the forest

pewag forestry tracks for every subsoil and usage condition

Safe grip and the highest possible level of soil protection for forestry applications

Safe working in the forest with pewag

No matter if steep terrain, rocky subsoil, mud or snow – pewag offers solutions for all undergrounds