SSWI Safety shackle

Withstands any vibrations. 

Yet another quality product made from high-grade steel that is forged, stamped and tested to within an inch of its life before it is put to use. This stainless steel safety shackle with a reinforced suspension bolt is designed for use as an end fitting in chain and wire rope slings and in connection with pump chains for the lifting of submersible pumps and breathers, where maximum safety is key. The product comes with a safety mechanism to protect against unintentional release. Please note that it cannot be mounted directly onto the chain and onto some transition links.

If used correctly, the SSWI Safety shackle easily withstands vibrations. Each of these safety products bears the CE-mark and has a code on the bolt and pins for added traceability.

Preferred areas of application for the shackle are water and wastewater applications and the product can also be used in connection with chemicals and food products; however, restrictions will apply and we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for advice prior to exposing the product to such use.

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Specification table

SSWI Safety shackle Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image SSWI 0,5 t-S 1)  500 33 8 18 8 9 18 0.07
SSWI 1,25 t-S 1)  1,250 41 12 26 12 13 25 0.22
SSWI 2 t-S 1)  2,000 62 16 35 16 17 32 0.52
SSWI 3,2 t-S 1)  3,200 78 19 41.50 19 21 47 1.00
SSWI 5 t-S 1)  5,000 109 25 56 25 29 60 2.40
SSWI 26-C 13,000 152 34 76 34 38 75 5.80
 1)  Discontinued article
Other sizes and special models available on request!
Stronger shackles are also available on request.
Bolt safety mechanism:
S = with safety splint
C = with bolt adhesive