SRLF Ultra Lightweight rope pulley

The lightweight: the comparison makes it safe. Plastic roller, ball bearing mounted. Sheets made of aluminium. With captive screw cap. Complies with ÖNORM L5277.

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Specification table

Code / Type tensile force
Winch tensile force max.
Pulley Ø
rope diameter max.
SRLF 3/6 to Ultra 6,000 3,000.00 120 12 2.25
SRLF 5/10 to Ultra 10,000 5,000.00 140 14 2.72
SRLF 8/16 to Ultra 16,000 8,000.00 150 15 4.80
- - - - - -
Mentioned tensile force is valid in case of ground course.
Winch tensile force is valid for a rope deflection of 180°, i.e. 0° spreading angle. Example: With a rope deflection of 60°, i.e. spreading angle 120°, winch tensile force = permissible tensile force.
Pulley diameter is related to the centre of the rope.