RSW Load binder G10

Powerful and popular.

This load binder for one-part lashing chains in accordance with EN 12195‑3 is also suitable for frictional lashing, depending on the selected lever length (always take the STF value into account!). It has a 25 % higher lashing capacity than grade 8 and is manufactured according to EN 12195‑3.

Please note that the product must not be used for the lifting or attaching of loads. A full operating manual describes areas of application as well as the assembly process. Assembly into a lashing chain is simple and quick thanks to Connex connecting links. 

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Specification table

RSW Load binder G10 Code / Type marking / stamping LC lashing capacity
STF Standard tension force
length closed L
length open L
Tension distance
Lever length l
Measurement Image RSW 7/8 Type A 50 1,900 355 500 145 237 20 16 3.20
RSW 10 Type B 80 3,000 365 510 145 355 26 18 3.80
RSW 13 Type C 134 2,500 576 866 290 359 31 22 9.90