pewag universal ED

The chain for extreme off-road use.

The chain for high demands.

Welded on wear elements ensure durability and an extended product service life in the reinforced version of the popular pewag universal. This guarantees safety for the most extreme driving conditions on unpaved roads.
  • Suitable for applications in extreme conditions for tractors and construction vehicles
  • Resistant to abrasion, due to wear bars
  • Safe ride ensured, due to ideal chain adaptation to wide tires

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Product description

  • Recommended for extreme heavy-duty applications for tractors and construction vehicles
Product Information
  • Additional wear elements ensure better grip and a longer lifespan
  • Once additional wear stubs are worn off, the chain can be turned and used for standard operations
  • Special design for wide-base tires available
  • We recommend a maximum speed of 30 km/h
  • Innovative starwave® profile increases the surface area of the chain link by approximately 7%, ensuring perfect traction and extended product life
Technical Details
  • 5,9 / 7,3 / 8,5 / 10,5 / 12,5mm net chain
  • Maximum wear resistance through use of TitanGrip®  - a special pewag alloy steel of titanium and boron