pewag unihub

Tough. Clear the stage for the forklifts.

pewag unihub is specially adapted to the tires of forklifts, ensuring a safe and smooth ride in winter on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Suitable for moderate and heavy-duty use
  • High running smoothness and good directional stability
  • Safe driving with heavy loads

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Product description

  • Recommended for forklifts

Product Information

  • Lightweight and robust running mesh ensures a safe ride for forklifts with heavy loads
  • Easy and simple mounting, due to the lightweight chain

Technical Details

  • 4,5 / 5,6 / 7mm net chain
  • Maximum wear resistance through use of TitanGrip®  - a special pewag alloy steel of titanium and boron
  • Welded rings connect the running mesh to the side chains