pewag offroad extreme

Powerful und persistent without limits.

Versatile chain for extreme offroad use.

Where the road ends, pewag offroad extreme knows no limits and gets you safely over any terrain in the woods and to the highest peaks safely.  
  • Suitable for challenging off-road use
  • Made of TitanGrip® for a long life span
  • No plastic parts – therefore tough and resistant

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Product description

  • Ideal for toughest offroad and terrain use
Product Information
  • Chain provides smooth running through dense mesh network
  • Manual chain tension – chain is retensioned manually
  • Chain made of Titan Grip® for long durability
  • Nato-Stock-Number on request
  • Innovative starwave® profile for increased traction
Technical Details
  • ÖNORM (Austrian Standard), TÜV-certified (German Association for Technical Inspection)
  • Solid chain in 4.5 mm material thickness and without plastic parts
  • Stable link by welded rings of chain mesh with the side chain


Specification table

Code / Type SAP item number tire sizes
FM 73  4041168  ↓ 
FM 75  4045902  ↓ 
FM 76  4045896  ↓ 
FM 77  4045897  ↓ 
FM 79  4045496  ↓ 
FM 80  4045898  ↓ 
FM 82  4043678  ↓ 
FM 91B  1)  4050628  ↓ 
 1)  With higher positioned inside chain for very narrow wheel arches
Nato approved