pewag forstgrip soft

Gentle on the soil, strong grip: The logging road-friendly pewag forestry chain.

May also be used on roads.

Developed for practical use on logging roads and terrain.
  • Gentle driving on logging roads and off-road
  • Easy on the soil thanks to forged elements without stubs
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties
  • Particularly gentle on the soil

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Product description

With pewag forstgrip soft you will benefit from…

  • …uninterrupted, soil-friendly driving on logging roads and off-road also with heavy forestry machinery.
  • …good traction with reduced soil damage thanks to a running mesh made from forged elements with a stub-free geometry that is gentle on the soil.
  • …excellent self-cleaning properties on soft ground thanks to the wide-chain mesh.
  • …particularly gentle on the tyre thanks to even distribution of pressure.

Product design

Depending on the product design, the pewag forstgrip soft range offers specific benefits:
  • The chain mesh consists of forged elements and rings (15,2mm).
  • Only available in a one-field design.

pewag forstgrip benefits

Excellent, uncompromising quality. First-class materials, coupled with engineering experience that goes back centuries, provide an advantage thanks to…
  • …superior traction and stability with innovative grip elements: Each chain comes with individual grip elements offering maximum traction of a range of terrains.
  • …longer lifespan of the chains thanks to pewag special steel TitanGrip® and the sophisticated hardening process.
  • …optimised fit of the chain to the tyre. Innovative adjustable elements make fitting the chain to the tyre quick and easy.
  • …superb self-cleaning properties of the chain. Wide chain meshes effortlessly remove dirt, mud and snow when the machine moves.
  • …excellent, customer-focused service thanks to our product experts and personal contact partners worldwide.
  • …perfected, state-of-the-art pewag quality products, backed up by centuries of research and product optimisation.


  • Make sure that there is enough clearance for chains.
  • Check the correct chain tension as specified in the mounting instructions.
  • Standard design without tensioning chain. Design with tensioning chain available upon request.
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