KVS Clevis connector

A perfect fit.

This clevis connector for grade 8 is designed for the shortening of chain slings and forming of slings that must not tighten and can be mounted without the need for special tools.

The shortening claw has a safety mechanism to prevent the accidental unhooking of the load, comes with CE-marking and BG-approval and is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1. A full operating manual outlines all areas of possible use and also gives information on what to watch out for: for instance, the correct load direction of the chain and the correct assessment of the load capacity if combined with grade 10 chains. The clevis system makes this product easy and quick to assemble.

The coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set.

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Specification table

KVS Clevis connector Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image KVS 6 1,120 45 36 7,4 0.27
KVS 7 1,500 58 44 9 0.50
KVS 8 2,000 58 44 10 0.50
KVS 10 3,150 70 55 12,5 0.80
KVS 13 5,300 90 70 16 1.53

Safety warnings:

  • Only load the inside chain.
  • Only use with a safety device.
  • Ensure that the chain fits neatly and securely.