KSS Clevis turnbuckle

Takes robustness to a higher level.

Some jobs need a no-nonsense approach for top results. The KSS clevis turnbuckle has a particularly robust design, with grade 8 clevis couplings that are die-forged and tempered on both sides. By mounting the turnbuckle into the chain strands, the length of the chain can be adjusted precisely, for instance when the load needs to be aligned in a certain way.

The turnbuckle is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 and comes with a full operating manual. It is suitable for straight pull only and may be assembled easily and quickly thanks to its clevis structure, without the need for special tools. For lifting operations, an additional safety chain must be used to prevent accidental opening. One of the great advantages of this product lies in the fact that the coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBS-KSS spare parts set.

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Specification table

KSS Clevis turnbuckle Code / Type load capacity
LC lashing capacity
Tension range
L min.
L max.
Measurement Image KSS 8 2,000 40 120 330 450 10 2.01
KSS 10 3,150 63 225 460 685 12 4.24
KSSW 16 10,000 200 250 530 780 20 10.00
KSSW 16: Grade 100