pewag unimove TT

Brand new technology ThickThin®.

The professional chain for heavy-duty use.

The innovative ThickThin® technology makes the new generation of pewag unimove TT approx. 10% lighter than its predecessor, thereby reducing fuel consumption and extending the lifespan of the chain.
  • Up to 10% lighter than similar chain types
  • Up to 20% longer life span
  • Additional grip on ice and snow

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Product description

  • Ideal for snow removal, construction sites, military applications and emergency vehicles
Product Information
  • ThickThin® technology: different link shapes and material thicknesses in the running mesh (upright link with wave profile in 8.2 mm, flat square-shaped link in 6.5 mm)
  • Up to 10 % lighter than its predecessor, without compromising on handling characteristics
  • Gentle on the tyres
  • Innovative starwave® grooved profile for additional grip on snowy and icy ground
Technical Information
  • ÖNORM V 5119
  • pewag TitanGrip® special steel for heavy-duty applications